A Tate Family History

Pioneer woman at log cabin

This is the story of my wife’s family history to the best of my ability to document it. The story begins with the Tate families of ancient Briton in the days of Mercia, Anglia and Wessex kingdoms. Genealogists have traced the Tate name back to Celtic and Viking days. Those records established hereditary rights in the days of tribal and feudal England, which has been a great boon to historiography buffs such as myself.

I have borrowed extensively from previous published works by genealogists and historians to try to piece together this narrative, which I hope is insightful and informative. I certainly acknowledge their work and give credit where I am able. I apologize to anyone I may have slighted in this regard.

I welcome any insights or contributions to the information I publish on this website, and invite you to leave comments as desired. Thanks for joining me in adding to what is known about this wonderful, loving, family, which, for me, started with Roy Davis Tate and May Pauline Leffert Tate, parents of my high school sweetheart and the love of my life.

Larry E Vaughn

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